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We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible result

Operating since 2008, Hortus combines passion and experience to deliver the best service for its clients. We strive to provide the best working environment for our employees, encouraging progression through training to ensure they perform to their potential and as a team we offer the greatest service. We welcome customer feedback and are always looking for continuous improvement.

As an RSE employer we're proud to comply with stringent business conditions from Immigration and MBIE. By partnering with Duncannon to provide quality, safe and friendly accommodation we hope to go above and beyond expectations. We believe investing in the scheme can secure a better future for the employees and ensure New Zealand's horticulture and viticulture industry continues to grow.

We provide competitive rates for the market based on the specific task at hand. We can work at contract rates which motivates staff, returning the best for all involved, Hortus, clients and our employees.


Viticulture & Horticulture


Vineyard Mangement

We offer a range of options for managing your vineyard, flexibility is the key, you control as much as you desire. We are fully equipped to provide machinery, implements, labour and viticultural advice; you could live in another country. Our goal is to manage your vineyard as efficiently as possible with aims to increase total tonnes and fruit quality


Machinery Contracting

We can supply machinery and competent operators for your needs, if you are currently happy with your vineyard labour requirements but require machinery assistance we can provide the machines alone. All our equipment is serviced regularly and maintained to a high standard.


Labour Supply

We have staff readily available to carry out all tasks, whether you require one person or 100 people there is no task too big or small. We know that timing is crucial so we pride ourselves in getting a task completed efficiently and to the highest of standards. We specialise in vineyard tasks, but also provide labour for all aspects of the horticulture industry.


Quality living for seasonal workers