All together better.

Sketch of an arrow hitting a target

The sh*t that matters.

(aka Mission)

To craft high quality crops by growing strong sustainable partnerships, allowing Hortus to be considered the leading service partner globally; committed to growing people and crops through our expertise.

Sketch of a map with a destination route

Unapologetic ambition.

(aka Vision)

We're devoted to building something that makes people’s lives better and that we can be proud of; To set precedents in ethical employment and positive company culture; To enable those around us to achieve their version of success and happiness for themselves and their families.

Sketch of the letter M from our MAP logo

Our MAP.

(aka Values)

Our Map is a common set of values that applies to all Hortus employees regardless of role, authority level, gender, age, nationality, background or differences. Our Map is what connects us and brings out the best in each of us. MAP stands for Making a difference, All together better, Proud of what we do.

Sketch of four pillars to represent our pou

Our Pou.

(aka Pillars)

Our Pou represent the four business goals of Hortus. These are:
1. Our People
2. Client Satisfaction
3. Operational Excellence
4. Sustainability
Our Pou influence our individual, team and company-wide thinking, decision making, priorities and actions.

People you might run into.

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House of Hortus.

Our horizons. Our values. Our Pou. Our rules of engagement.

Here all of these concepts come together; each an integral piece to the structure that keeps us standing strong.

House of Hortus drawing