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A toolkit you won't find on the shelf

Just like the plants we work with, our operations have a vital and extensive root system. When you see our teams in the field, they’re not the only ones working for you. The great work we do is made possible by our talented support staff at our home office in Blenheim. 


Workshop, to keep us moving forward

Our operations teams wouldn’t make it very far without these experts keeping their vehicles and machines running smoothly. With a full fleet of vans and a wide variety of machinery these guys have their hands full, but they always get the job done. Having in-house professionals gives us an advantage when the unexpected happens.

Finance, to track the ins and outs

These math whizzes are always ensuring smart financial management to benefit us and our clients. They verify and analyse all our data to maintain accuracy and ensure we are running efficiently and sustainably. We know we’re awesome, and these guys give us the data to back it up.

People & Culture, to keep our people at the forefront of our mission

This formidable team keeps our company’s heart beating and its people smiling. They keep our health and safety procedures sharp, find us all our amazing staff, and keep our company culture thriving. They also take on all RSE admin duties, and international travel is just part of what goes into hiring the best RSE.

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Tahu Huntley - RSE
Tahu Huntley

RSE Manager

Lucy MacLean - People & Culture
Lucy MacLean

People & Culture Manager

Andy Whalley - Chief Financial
Andy Whalley

Chief Financial Officer