Boots on the ground

No matter the task, we supply you with skilled, reliable people that put in the mahi. Our strong reputation is credit to our incredible staff who work hard every day to provide proven results. We have a wealth of knowledge and skill among our seasonal staff, many who have been with us for over a decade.

Success recipe graphic: Ethical + Efficient + Quality = Successful Results for Everyone

Quality assurance

Our supervisors and field managers have a century of experience between them, so you could say they know their stuff. Quality is key, and we never leave a job until our high standards are met. Supervisors maintain efficiency and excellence in their teams to ensure you are always getting value for money.

Partnership you can trust

We strive to create lasting, honest relationships with our clients. Many have been with us since the beginning, and all of them share our values and passion for building partnerships that have an impact.

Efficiency and economy

We typically work on piece rate, where possible. This encourages speed from our staff and provides the best returns for them and for you. Our services are made to suit your specific needs, and we can accommodate any request.

We're not afraid to disrupt. Anything.

Leading with innovation

We work with a wide variety of clients across New Zealand, so we have a pretty good view of what works and what doesn’t, and what the latest innovations are. We incorporate technology into our operations to facilitate efficient tracking and organisation. With the Tatou app we get accurate reporting, simplify our payroll processes, and save our field staff valuable time.

Resources and support

We are unique within the contracting industry because we have a comprehensive team of support staff to help optimise our work in the field. Our labour managers have heaps of resources and data to utilise, which ensures we are maximising our potential and providing our clients with informed and transparent service.

Meaningful impact

Our services impact far more than just our clients in New Zealand. Thousands of people in countries throughout the world directly benefit from the wages our RSE staff earn. We track our impact, so that we can constantly grow it.

Ethical by nature.

We care about our RSE family.

We hold wellbeing and manaakitanga at the forefront of our values, so you can rest assured that our staff are employed fairly and ethically. We work hard to exceed a high standard of compliance and a high standard of satisfaction from our employees. 

At Hortus we are extremely proud to be a part of the RSE scheme, and take great pride in knowing the huge benefits that the scheme provides not only for New Zealand, but just as importantly our RSE whanau.

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Jeremiah Love - Marlborough Labour
Jeremiah Love

Marlborough Labour Manager

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Tom Oliver

Operations Manager · Marlborough