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Not just a place to stay, a place to call home.

Our first-class accommodation facilities provide a relaxing home away from home for our RSE whanau while working in New Zealand. We know how much home life affects us at work, which is why we’ve made these facilities as comfortable and welcoming as possible for our guests.

Boasting 461 beds in twin-share rooms and several generous amenities blocks, our Blenheim site is spread across 12 acres on the Opawa River. We’ve devoted plenty of space for sport and recreation with both outdoor courts and an indoor gym area. There are dedicated areas for relaxing, gathering, learning, and even growing veggies for tea. Instead of maximising capacity, we focus on maximising comfort and enjoyment for our guests, who are typically here for many months at a time.

Drawn map of the Hortus accommodation site in Blenheim

Clean & comfortable.

Our friendly accommodation and housekeeping team work hard every day to keep the facilities to a high standard of comfort and cleanliness, meeting our guests’ every need. Being away from home is tough, so we’ve made a place that’s easy to call home.

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Gus Lopez - Village
Gus Lopez

Village Manager