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Kick your feet up, we've got you sorted.

Have as much or as little involvement as you’d like; our qualified team is ready to take care of everything from start to finish. When our management, machinery and labour divisions come together, we do amazing things. Just hand us the gate keys, you're good as gold.

Success recipe graphic: Client partnerships + Expertise and Knowledge + Trusted Results = Successful Results for Everyone

Our approach

We've got extensive experience managing New Zealand vineyards of all shapes, sizes, and terrains. We start maximising your yield long before the growing season begins, ensuring the vines are sorted with proper pruning techniques, and we maintain that high standard of care until your grapes are at the winery. Your best interests are always top priority - we go to bat for you when it counts and put in the hard yakka, whether you’ve got 5 hectares or 50. As a client you're part of the Hortus whanau, so we treat your land like our own.

Vineyard management services include:

  • All machinery operations, powered by a full in-house workshop 
  • All labour services sourced in-house, ensuring priority access when it really counts
  • Viticultural assessments and analysis, data collection,yield estimates, canopy management
  • Trellis and general vineyard maintenance
  • Liaising with your winery
  • Ongoing assistance for our operational teams from our support staff, providing resources in health and safety, financial management, and more
  • Management of SWNZ compliance 

Vineyard Machinery

We’ve got a full fleet and dedicated operators ready to put in the mahi.

Flexible scheduling and personalised service mean an efficient and high-quality result every time. Our team is keen to do what’s needed to achieve the best possible result for you- we go above and beyond when it matters most. Our machines are serviced regularly by our trusted workshop team so that they can always perform at their best.

Vineyard Machinery Services


Undervine weeding


Posting & trellis work

Canopy spray

& mulching


Herbicide spraying



Leaf plucking

Barrel pruning

Hear it from our clients.

"Our mutual agreement and business relationship with Hortus have been very positive, and we just renewed our contract for another round. Amongst the services Hortus provides, we particularly appreciate...

  • Diligent respect of established transparent vineyard budget, as well as all wine industry legal and sustainability requirements.
  • Efficient office, accounting and sustainability administration; such as filing spray schedule reports and attending to SWNZ audit procedures.
  • Competent, energetic and performing viticulturalists.
  • Self-contained contracting with able, well-trained and regular labour teams. They are fairly treated and well taken care of, in adequate housing and with community and quality of life.
  • Easy communication and prompt, efficient responses to whatever routine or urgent needs we encounter.
  • Eagerness to assist with ongoing present and future planning technical support; as well as to liaise and comply with winery expectations and management staff.
  • Efficient presence during and after harvest.

All in all, from a good business, economic, public relation and sustainable perspective, we would highly recommend Hortus Limited Vineyard Management services."

Michele Saint-Alexis, Veraison Vineyard

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Troy McElhinney - Regional Vineyard Manager  ·
Troy McElhinney

Regional Vineyard Manager · Marlborough

Pippa Andrews - Field Manager ·
Pippa Andrews

Field Manager · Marlborough

Arron Page - Field Manager ·
Arron Page

Field Manager · Marlborough