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Current vacancies

Hortus is proud to hire locals, backpackers and is a registered RSE employer. All overseas employees require a work permit, take a look at our FAQs.


Our team

Great, passionate people


Seasonal vineyard tasks

Throughout the year the demand for workers varies depending on the region. Hortus requires both experienced workers and provides training for those new to the vineyard. 



Will training be provided?

All training will be provided prior to starting tasks.

Will accommodation be provided?

Hortus workers will stay at Duncannon. This accommodation provides quality living for seasonal workers with RSE and backpackers given priority. Take a look at the rooms, rates and facilities

Will transport be provided?

Due to the large numbers of employees, we first and foremost supply transport to employees living in our accommodation. However sometimes seats are available for a small daily charge.

Do I need a work permit to work in New Zealand?

Yes, all overseas employees require a work permit. Please check our link to or you can contact us by email.

Do I have to pay income tax whilst working in New Zealand?

Yes, each week income tax will be deducted from your wages and paid on your behalf to the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department.

Do I need to apply for a New Zealand Tax number?

Yes, whilst working in New Zealand you will require an IRD number to ensure tax payments are made. You can apply to the IRD for this on the website or contact us via email.

How often am I paid and what is the working week? 

The working week is Monday to Friday, however, work is available on Saturdays depending on the season. You will be paid once a week on Thursday.

Will I be paid by the hour or on a contract rate?

Generally we try to promote contract rates to ensure employees can earn the most possible. However, some tasks require staff to work on an hourly wage.